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In our products, we protect children from an unnecessary amount of flashy visuals, confusing music, effects, and different sounds. We don't use 3D or heavily confusing animations. We want to give a chance for toddlers to be creative and develop their dreams and worlds. We also have audiobooks for the babies. Listening to beautiful soothing fairy tales means they can easily go to sleep.










Interactive and Intuitive

High-Quality Content


How Children Can Learn & Grow With Us

If we give them enough opportunities and tools to dream and be creative again, they can accomplish amazing things.

When we were children, the world was too big and there was so much that we couldn't discover. Nowadays new generations have the Internet which made the world became small enough to explore and yet childrens creativity has decreased. We need to give them their creativity back.

Everybody Loves Little Shark Toon!

Our Characters


I am an adult but i really like to watch this sharky adventures. its fun and its like a thearpy

Accounting manager

Boy with Pug Puppy


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(Best in 2021)

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(Editor's Choice)

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(Best Design)

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(Best UX 2021)

Have Fun With Us!

Without hurting the eyes, naive and funny stories will come every week.


About Us


I have always valued the mental and emotional development of all children,but after having my first child it became more personal.I looked for stories that would help me improve my child’s emotional and mentalas well as social wellbeing most importantly make her laugh. Although I have searched many platforms ,I was not able to find what I was looking for. So I decided to create my very own imaginary world for my daughter.I started writing my stories,since then I have lots  to share

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