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Kids Blowing Bubbles

About Us

                I have always valued every child's mental and emotional development, but it became more personal after having my first child. I looked for stories to help me improve my child’s emotional, mental, and social wellbeing. Although I searched many platforms, I could not find what I was looking for. So I decided to create my very own imaginary world for my daughter. I started writing my own stories, and since then, I have had lots to share.


               Then I decided to branch out into something different. I developed the idea of making animations so that little ones could enjoy my stories. I was extremely excited to have the opportunity of my animated stories reaching each and every little baby around the world. I shared my ideas with my sister of making cute short animations that are simple, educational, calming, free of noise and visual effects, and are not scary. She fully supported my vision and decided to help me make my dreams come true. She joined me in this fun journey. Later we welcomed my youngest sister, brother and my dearest husband on board. We all have kids, and we know what they love, what gets their attention, and what's good for them.

             In our products, we protect children from an unnecessary amount of flashy visuals, confusing music, effects, and different sounds. We don't use 3D or heavily confusing animations. We want to give a chance for toddlers to be creative and develop their dreams and worlds. We also have audiobooks for the babies. Listening to beautiful soothing fairy tales means they can easily go to sleep.

            We do not feature or promote sugary foods in our animations. This way, the children will be less inclined to consume unhealthy foods. We run a family business. We brought together our different educational backgrounds and experiences for this unique project. Like any family, our goal is to help you raise a healthy generation.

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